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WeldEye® is a software application covering welding documentation and quality requirements. It is the best strategic choice for any organization working with welding in production. It provides control in all processes - including qualifications, reporting, documentation and traceability - and improves customer satisfaction. Rad More(show complete information)

WeldEye® will fit any size and type of organization with requirements from international welding standards like NORSOK, ISO, ASME, AWS. Experience demonstrates that implementing WeldEye® can lead to reduced documentation cost by up to 70%! WeldEye® is designed for ease-of-use and tomorrow's communication needs and infrastructure.

It’s intuitive, pleasant and effective work environment helps to meet complex demands.
With WeldEye® you control and manage what information can be inserted, extracted, signed and revoked. The system is module based and enables managing of documentation and reporting in the project. This provides optimal control and use of resources.

WeldEye® enables full traceability for your welding activities before, during and after welding.
WeldEye® can be deployed on standard IT platforms and accessed from any PC (with a browser such as Internet Explorer) and different devices (PDA, mobile phones, etc).
With the use of WeldEye® your welding documentation requirements are met.